Create Collection

Collections allow you to group file references for easy viewing and sharing, even if they’re located in different folders. Collections are user specific and each user can have personal Collections.

Add a single file to a Collection

To add a single file to a Collection you can click on the Three Dots Menu below the file thumbnail. Choose  Add to Collection


Add multiple files to a Collection

Select all the files you want to add to a Collection. Then click on the Add to collection icon in the Bulk Action Bar.


Now you can either choose an existing Collection or click the NEW COLLECTION button.

If you choose an existing Collection the selected files will be added to this Collection instantly.


If you want to create a new Collection click the NEW COLLECTION button. Enter a name for the Collection and click Create. The Collection is now created and can be seen, shared, and edited from My Collections in your Main Menu .


The main differences between Folders and Collections

  • Folders

    1. You can upload files and folders into folders. Read more.
    2. You can have sub-folders inside folders.
    3. Files in folders are the original files and therefore take up extra storage.
    4. Folders can be shared via shared links.
    5. Folders can be shared with other users and you can set up detailed permission roles for each folder.
  • Collections

    1. You cannot upload files into Collections
    2. You cannot have folders in Collections.
    3. Files in Collections are only references to the original files and therefore doesn't take up extra storage.
    4. Collections are personal.
    5. Collections can be shared via links only. Read more.
Note: You cannot upload files to a Collection. Files in Collections are only references to the original files. Therefore files need to be uploaded into folders.

Example use cases for Collections:

  • A user adds the imagery and data sheets for three different products to a lightbox so they can email a download link to an agency.
  • A graphic designer is choosing between a few images for the new product brochure and wants to receive feedback from the art director. Once the images are added to the Collection, the graphic designer invites the art director to collaborate and comment on the selections.
  • A sales person creates a Collection of frequently used customer logos for easy access.
  • A marketing team can collaborate on a batch of images where they can comment and decide which assets are to be used for a project.